The Microadventure

This past year I left my job working as a cocktail waitress and took a “real job.” In a town like Jackson, not many work Monday-Friday 9-5pm. Suddenly my life went from goggle tans and shot skis to Excel spreadsheets and a bedtime earlier than my mom’s. Gone were the days of adventure, replaced by press releases and cryptic 401k decisions.

I love my job, but it was claiming an aspect of my life that is core to my sense of self. And so the microadventure was born. Hiking Cody Peak or tackling a new tour in Grand Teton National Park is no longer a mid-week reality, but that doesn’t mean that adventure has to be confined to the weekend. I’ve begun to seek out microadventures: sunset floats on the Snake River after work, a full-moon skin up the local ski hill, a skate ski on the dyke during lunch.

Living in Jackson, WY isn’t necessary for the microadventure either. Sleep outside on a weeknight, even if that means pitching a tent in the backyard. Bike or walk to work and ditch the car at home. Wake up early enough to watch the sun rise. Grab a bottle of wine and go for a hike (even if it means 20 minutes and 500ft of elevation gain). Make a list of ideas for microadventures and start checking them off. Monday-Friday doesn’t have to be an adventure-free affair. With daylight savings, now is the perfect time to sneak in two or three microadventures a week. Plan one for tonight!

One of my go-to resources for inspiration to find more microadventure ideas is the blog of National Geographic's Adventurer of the Year, Alastair Humphreys. Alastair is a an adventurer and writer with some great ideas and stories. Check out his blog and plan a microadventure now!

By AI Blog contributor: Maggie Edmunds