Growing the Power of our Communities

News of our president-elect and his proposed cabinet have thrown a curveball in our efforts to preserve our environment and reduce climate change. The Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement are under threat;, innumerable other regulations could potentially be stripped away. And while there is so much more to say on the topic, I rather turn the spotlight on us - the outdoor enthusiasts.

Outdoor enthusiasts - hiking in the mountains

Us: We - the outdoor enthusiasts - are a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because as a community who need not be close in distance to connect at heart, we have grown to expect progress and innovation each year. If not from our government, then from whatever activities and local groups we participate in. In fact we demand it. Look at the leaps and bounds made in ski technology, in the engineering behind trad climbing equipment, and in helmet design and safety across the board. There are coalitions of anglers and hunters dedicated to conserving irreplaceable habitats. We have non-profits and self-started initiatives galore. We have local governments who are setting examples for counties, states, and countries to follow. The takeaway message here is that this progress is internally motivated in large part by our passions - that is what makes it so incredible.

Our efforts must grow not only on the grand scale but locally as well. See good in the world and you will see more of it. Actively search for it and create it. Our communities are strong and this election serves as an incredible call to action, an unignorable one.  

I urge you to see what else nature has to offer and why it’s that much more important to protect. Bring your friends with you, heck bring your nextdoor neighbor! Reach out to your community and share your passion with someone who may need to reinvigorate theirs. Talk with people you may disagree with. Listen. Listen. Listen. Reply. Repeat. We truly need everyone possible on board.

- Katie Hitchcock






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