Alpine Initiatives connects people and mountains by fostering authentic experiences that pull you from the familiar to the untamed and nourish the body and mind. We build huts, high in the mountains, which celebrate the journey by offering a refuge for the human spirit to truly rest. We guide backcountry trips which afford a chance to unplug and connect with the natural world. And we gather every year to celebrate JP – his genius, humble creativity, kind spirit and desire to always do more.

The Canary Club

Alpine Initiatives’ Canary Club focuses on connecting underrepresented communities to the mountains. Offering instruction and guided backcountry trips, the Canary Club challenges participants of all ability levels to step out of their comfort zones to get fully immersed in the outdoors.

The first Canary Club was held in 2019 and the program is currently offered in a few well-known mountain locations. Alpine Initiatives hopes to expand the program to more communities over time.

2022 Information

LOCATION: 10th Mountain Division Hut, Vail Valley

AI LEADS: Mikey Hovey, Slade, Cogswell, and Greg Obernesser

GUILDING SERVICES/PARTNERS::Paragon Guides and the 10th Mountain Division Huts


LOCATION: Tilly Jane Hut, Mt. Hood - IN March 22 and OUT March 23, 2022

AI LEADS: Tucker Barney, Smith Optics

GUILDING SERVICES/PARTNERS: Northwest School of Survival, Kaf Adventures, evo, TREW Gear

RECRUITMENT AREA: Portland Metro Area

LOCATION: Whitewater - January/ February 2022

AI LEADS: Andrew Sharp, Armada Skis



Past Program

LOCATION: Vail Valley

Dates: March 7-10, 2019; March 9-11, 2020; March 9-11, 2021