The Canary Club

Mountains are for everyone

Unlocking experiences and connection for the next generation

Alpine Initiatives and Paragon Guides have joined forces to launch the Canary Club, a grassroots youth initiative to connect underprivileged youth in mountain communities to the expansive playground right outside their back doors. We believe that skiing and the outdoors are for everyone, and the Canary Club will help to foster positive connections with mountainous regions amongst the future generation.

The Canary Club program is primarily focused on engaging and influencing youth that are in close geographical prox- imity to the outdoors. The goal of this program is to provide an outdoor experience to kids who don’t have the means or otherwise the support to experience this on their own. We believe that a connection to the mountains will build confi- dence in our youth and harness a fun and positive experience to the surrounding world.

Starting small with ski Canary Clubs in a few well-known locations this is a program that will hopefully grow as we find the right local partners in more communities. Alpine Initia- tives aims to help facilitate and manage these programs for start to completion with the help of our network of industry partners, media outlets and professional ambassadors.

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A group of students from the Red Canyon High School, a school that shifts the focus from the idea that the kid need to fit the school and instead fits the school to kid. School, typically has not been a strong place for education and relationships for these youth who have in common at risk factors, but today they are working hard to overcome their challenges. These young people live in the Vail Valley, yet have not had the means or support to venture deep into the mountains that surround and globally define their home. 


In honor of the journey these youth are on we will embark on an experience that will not only connect them to the mountains but to each other. They will join in 3 sessions to practice skinning, climbing, skiing and other skills to prepare them for an overnight hut trip. The core idea is to instill the knowledge that each individual is paramount for the success of the group and that it will take teamwork, resiliency and collaboration. Over spring break the training will culminate into an overnight ski adventure to the 10th Mountain Division Hut, where the new skills will be tested as they navigate the trying yet rewarding terrain blanketing the mountains while connecting them further to their home. 



2018/9 Dates: March 25-28 –The itinerary includes 2 classroom sessions and one training day to prepare for an overnight ski adventure to the 10th Mountain division hut. Skills from their mountain and group sessions will be applied to navigate the trying yet rewarding terrain blanketing the mountains surrounding their home.

Location: Eagle/ Vail, Colorado

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