Planting A Living Fence

We took a break from building this past Saturday to welcome a new visitor to KACH and spend some quality time with its smaller residents.

Steve McNamara ran the Portland marathon this past October to raise funds for AI and the continuation of our work. Steve successfully completed the marathon and raised hundreds of dollars for AI. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of his fundraiser and when he reached out to let us know that he was going to be in Kenya, we invited him to come visit KACH.

This past Friday we connected with Steve in Meru and brought him out to KACH. We introduced him to all of KACH’s residents and spent lots of time sharing insights about the project with him.

We were quick to put Steve to work the morning after his arrival. We teamed up with the five youngest kids at KACH to plant 260 seedlings that will become the living fence surrounding the cottage project.