The Armada AI JJ Evolution

Not long after the one year anniversary of JP’s death, his legacy remains stronger than ever. Nothing has reinforced that to me as much as the heartfelt tribute at IF3 where friends and family shared stories and memories of the legend. While the way in which JP affected these people will certainly live long past the man himself, JP left behind some more concrete pieces of his legacy. Among these are the company he helped create: Armada skis, and more specifically the skis he helped design: the JJ. Since our inception, Armada has been a huge supporter of Alpine Initiatives. As JP built and solidified this relationship, the first JJ collab was born. This ski represented a huge success, so we knew we had do continue it in a big way.

The skis have evolved over the years, just as JP transformed from a young Quebecois bump skier to the all around badass that he is remembered to be. With this transformation, JP and the Armada team continued to put that wisdom and experience into these skis. As such, the qualities of the JJ have come to represent the qualities that JP was known for. So, when you’re ripping big lines, or jibbing around your local resort, you’ll be embracing the legacy of JP Auclair with every turn.

The partnership with Armada Skis and Alpine Initiatives continues with the AI JJ 2.0. Not only does the ski sport graphics designed by the man himself, but in their continuing support of JP and his dreams, Armada is donating 100% of the proceeds from the skis to Alpine Initiatives.

Armada describes the ski: Redesigned for 2015, the JJ 2.0 has a longer turning radius, with the widest points moved out for more stability and effective edge. Maintaining our patented 5 dimensional sidecut and EST Freeride Rocker, the JJ 2.0 is the most nimble and versatile powder ski on the market. Built with more gradual taper than the original, the new JJ 2.0 has better flotation at slower speeds and better control in steep terrain. They are available in 175cm and 185cm sizes.

Check them out and support Alpine Initiatives by purchasing from our online store.

By AI blog contributor Matthew Sklar