Thoughts..... During this past 9 days JP, Mikey and I have been talking, thinking, sharing and discussing Alpine Initiatives. When people ask us what we are doing in Africa? There is a hesitation, whether it be the customs officer or our friends. We all feel uncomfortable saying we are building an orphanage and cringe at any relation to aid or missionary work. We have been asking ourselves why? what isn't resonating? We all feel there is something almost arrogant about saying we are "helping those poor people", or even "those less fortunate". Because when we are here it is just people and people... that's it... like a world village... we have all travelled a bit and Africa has more issues than most and it can be very shocking how things are dealt with here. We have been discussing our length of time working in partnership with IPI and in some ways it keeps lengthening. We ask ourselves what would be our measure of success?  Already this year there are twice as many volunteers are here working in support of IPI's mission. Is it veggies being grown and sold?, 100 kids staying in school? Karambu in Parliment? Do we just do our portion? stay involved in the whole?  (Mikey has a good quote I am sure he will share with you about the definition of success)  So much of it is based on the interaction with our new and what feels like old friends........ Looking forward to kathy's cooking, making tea, or hanging out with karamana in her garden. IPI has a big mission and one we support as they are looking at creating a new model which is grassroots and based in action and sustainability.  There is so much value to relating and being present with people. We also have been talking about following our hearts and that can be scary and in someways we all have chosen a different path, not out of what we should do but out of our passion. Life is not boring when your are exploring and pushing limits.