'Mountains Are Awesome' Custom Art Work

50 limited edition 11 x 15 prints

Name of Piece: "Peace of Ourselves"

As artists, we hope to inspire others to see the world in a different way. More specifically, our biggest wish is to show people the awesome of the everyday.

In my paper cuttings, I want to take a blank page and make it into something fresh, thought provoking and hopefully a little bit of a reminder that: ‘Hey, this moment that you are experiencing, it is now and you are here, and that is amazing.’ When you move on from the art, I hope you continue to see every minute after that in the same encouraging light.

I am particularly excited to work with Alpine Initiatives for this piece because: mountains are awesome. The work AI does to fund the betterment of mountain communities, the emphasis on sustainable living, community building and creative expression are all things I am passionate about and they are an enormous inspiration within this particular work.

Mountains can be anything and everything in the paths of our lives, and while each mountain is not always conquerable, every single one is worth attempting the climb. 

About The Artist:

Johannah Katherine Hall received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting as well as a minor in creative writing and book arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2011. Originally from the heart of Georgia, she decided after her graduation to pack up and move west to see what she might find. After settling to Steamboat Springs in the fall of 2011, Johannah quickly and steadily fell in love with the mountains. Her passion for creativity and adventure finally found a place to thrive. Since moving to Colorado, Johannah has shown her work in galleries in Steamboat Springs, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C. Her work is collected in Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD and Macon, GA.  She currently lives with her dog and two crazy cats in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Website: Johannahkhall.com

$ 35.00