SmartWool has brilliantly discovered a way to reinvent Marino wool in a way that puts it not only on par, but above and beyond even the most advanced synthetic fabrics to date. They have an incredibly diverse product line including everything from socks and base layers to outerwear and high performance athletic gear. Their company and its employees embody everything that we stand for at Alpine Initiatives. This is a group that loves to work and play as well as protect and preserve our mountains. 

Our partnership with SmartWool has been unique to say the least. We have worked together to "up-cycle" over 500 pairs of skis from our local landfill into recycling containers for the city of Steamboat Springs, CO. They have donated a significant amount of product that help to make our "Gear Stash" drops possible. In addition to our hands on and in kind partnership, SmartWool has sponsored multiple Grass Roots Grants as well as made a significant contribution to the Auclair Fund. Thank you SmartWool!