• The Blue Dot Tour

    The Blue Dot Tour aims to bring individuals together in the hopes of promoting the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food. It hopes to encourage people to take action to create and lobby for healthier communities, cities, provinces and a healthier nation as a whole.
  • In Loving Memory of JP Auclair

    The loss of our co-founder, JP, is overwhelming for us. He had an incredible impact on everything he touched. JP was our favorite person to be around; he was hilarious and he was kind. Above all, JP was a father and genuinely magnificent human.
  • The Largest March on Climate Change

    This Sunday, September 21, 2014 New York City will mobilize, along with communities across the globe, as thousands of people take to the streets for the People’s Climate March for change on issues of climate. This could be the precipice of a worldwide shift in perspective on how we treat our planet.
  • SmartWool Servapalooza Pt 2

    Alpine Initiatives teamed up with SmartWool and Yampa Valley Sustainability Council in Steamboat Springs, CO to build ski and snowboard covered recycling containers to upgrade and promote the local recycling program.
  • Books To Inspire

    As ski season is about to be upon us, grab one of these books to amp yourself up for the slopes and perhaps also inspire a little positive change in the process: "Just Don't Fall" by Josh Sundquest; "DEEP" by Porter Fox; "A Bird of Passage" by Otto Lang; and "Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die" by Chris Santella.
  • An Interview With Photographer Zoya Lynch

    Photographer Zoya Lynch provides inspiration through a combination of art, outdoor adventure and the natural beauty represented in her images. Her photography is simultaneously meditative and exciting, leaving the viewer seeking their next adventure toward a sense of unity with the natural world.
  • SmartWool Servapalooza Pt. 1

    Alpine Initiatives partners with SmartWool for their bi-annual service day in Steamboat Springs, CO to beautify local community recycling containers with up-cycled skis.
  • The Fight To Save Snow

    Because of climate change, the future of skiing could be very much in trouble come thirty or fifty years from now and, as soon as that may seem to us now, the fact of the matter is that the ski industry is in trouble and has been for years already.
  • Protecting the Peel Watershed

    Sprawling over 68,000 square feet, the Yukon’s Peel River watershed is one of the largest, most beautiful and intact wilderness areas in North America. It is a remote and rugged region defined by six major tributaries that connect into the Peel: the Ogilvie, Hart, Blackstone, Snake, Wind and Bonnet Plume rivers. I had the opportunity to paddle the Bonnet Plume...

  • Travel Sustainably at Eco-Friendly Lodges

    A simple way in which we can travel more sustainably and continue to enjoy the mountains is by taking some time pre-trip to research and reserve a spot at one of the growing number of eco-friendly lodges worldwide. Check out our list of recommended lodges to jumpstart your eco-traveling!
  • Do What You Love: Inspiration From Slomo

    Slomo has truly figured out what it means to be a meaningful participant in this world. The formula? Do what you love. Since figuring this out, Slomo has given up his medical career and has been spending his time rollerskating in slow motion down the San Diego boardwalk, all for the bigger purpose to simply enjoy life.
  • Designing the Spearhead Hut Project

    The Spearhead traverse is a spectacular mountain route that connects the Whistler and Blackcomb backcountry through the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons ranges in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The Spearhead Huts Project, an initiative to build three new alpine huts along the Spearhead range that would offer a hut-to-hut traverse experience for numerous backcountry user groups, is underway.
  • The Cost of Exploration: The Deadly Impacts of Climbing on Everest

    The sherpa saying among Everest guides is, “We service the needs of many who come to claim Everest as their own.” If sherpas continue to serve the needs of Westerners above their own needs and the needs of the mountain, Everest will surely collapse under the weight of its tourism. We need to find a way to foster a symbiotic relationship between guests, guides, and the mountain.
  • Becoming a More Accessible Community

    We wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight several organizations that are doing amazing work in the United States to provide at-risk youth with opportunities to simultaneously participate in the snow sports community while also growing as individuals.
  • A Natural Connection

    Humans can learn so much about the importance of connectivity from nature, specifically from talking trees and magical fungi. Ecological balance depends on these fragile and complex modes of connection that do everything from keeping our air clean to driving the diversity and resilience of the ecosystem.
  • The Armada Limited Edition AI JJs: Get Em While You Still Can!

    There are only six pairs of the 175s left so invest now for next season – invest in your own skiing and also invest in forwarding sustainable efforts originating from the snow sports community as a whole. The best part about the AI JJs – 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to Alpine Initiatives.
  • Behind the scenes with Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

    Alpine Initiatives gets behind the scenes with Grant Baldwin, Director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story. The film documents Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer as they live off of food waste for 6 whole months while researching and exploring the issues around the billions of dollars of food that are wasted each year in North America.
  • Interview With Director Grant Baldwin of Just Eat It

    Alpine Initiatives interviews Grant Baldwin, director of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story.
  • Never Too Young to Evoke Change - Youth Sustainability Initiatives

    Sometimes I think that my time to “change the world” will come when I am older. But when will I be old enough to be older? And what actions of mine are great enough to evoke change? This blog is a humbling reminder that we are never too young, too small, too naïve, too weak to make a difference.
  • Telluride Mountainfilm: An Inspiring Event Not To Be Missed

    Telluride Mountainfilm is a truly inspiring event. The festival shows a film each night on a giant screen in Telluride’s town park. Bring a camp chair, some blankets, and a couple beers and join the fun!