Being Present with Social Media

These days, leaving your house without a cell phone is like leaving your house without pants. Our mobile devices instantly allow us to share, like or comment on any number of social networking sites. Some might say that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are removing us from the outside world, giving us the ability to insulate ourselves in social situations - whether it’s riding the bus, sitting in a waiting room or eating lunch in a ski lodge.

However, there is something powerful about the access to a tool like Instagram that allows us to connect with experts and like-minded individuals from around the world. It is easy to find and follow inspiring individuals who are passionately engaged in a particular topic or issue. Similarly, it allows our own perspective on a topic, moment or behavior to be instantly shared with our own followers. When used in this way, one could argue that Instagram can help us appreciate the finer details of these moments, whether it’s that pretty little design in our morning latte or the textures we find in our natural environment. With that in mind, next time you are checking out instagram, have a look at these inspiring accounts and give them a follow!

@alpinitiativesFollow Alpine Initiatives to stay up to date on projects and AI Ambassadors.

@natgeoAmazing animal close ups, explorers, adventures and stories from people all over the world.

@jordanmanleyphotoJordan Manley is an outdoor adventure photographer from North Vancouver whose stunning photos often show a unique point of view of the outdoors and adventure sports.

@auclairjpJP Auclair, cofounder of Alpine Initiatives, has talent in the mountains and behind the lens.

Let us know what Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration!

By AI Blog contributor: Sarah Frood