Half way!

AI member Megan Parks has just made it past the half way mark on the AT!

It's been over three months since Megan first walked into the woods to begin her 2,173 miles hike from Georgia to Maine... She has embarked on this journey to explore the subculture of AT thru hikers and she is raising money for AI in the process. People have been pledging to donate XX amount of money for every mile she walks (or XX amount of money every time I tumble down the side of a mountain...!) You can write a pledge on her website or send her an email at ridgelines.parks@gmail.com


April 4th.. loooong cold night..


April 16th: ..Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


May 2nd: Atop one one of the balds in the smokies.


 May 30th: "For the first time in days, our boots had been dry, and we were willing to go to great lengths to ensure they stayed dry..."


Congratulations Megan!
Visit Megan's blog to discover the subculture of AT thru hikers.