Toronto! Cities Alive!

JP and I met in Toronto mid October and it has been a flurry of activity ever since... we went over all that has happened in 2009 and where we are headed for 2010. There was no shortage of ideas and direction for AI... so stay tuned After JP left I headed to the cities alive conference and had a close look at some of toronto's beautiful green roofs! There is alot happening in the world of green roofs and cities alive was the place to be. There were delegates from all over the planet: germany, the Netherlands, France, China, Chile and Brazil. There were tons of unique projects from green walls in subway stations to clean air in Santiago, to forest rooftops in Singapore. there was also some definitve research showing that green roofs reduce annual temperatures in cities by 1-5 degrees ( i know that doesn't sound like alot but it is a big accomplishment as it that much of a difference which is raising our oceans and melting our ice caps! so here is to green roofs! and aren't they pretty!