Good vibes in Boulder

Our last stop in Boulder was very mellow, to say the least.  Mikey and I were still trying to recover for the 80's dance night and we knew that we had gotten the word out too late to expect a large number of people.  Instead of canceling the "event" (I hesitate to call it an event..!), we decided to go to George's Lounge anyways to have some drinks and see what happens...  Jody, who works with IPI, came to meet us and brought some jewelry made by the women of Meru.  A handful of people turned up and I have to say it was a very pleasant evening. Because there wasn't many of us there, we were able to connect, exchange and spend good, quality time together.  Everyone offered to help us next time we want to do a fundraiser in their area - as long as we promised to let them know ahead of time ie; more then 4 days before the event! The raffle was pretty funny!  No microphone was needed last night.

Kaitlin, the $500 Orage gift certificate winner! After talking to Jody, she was starting to consider heading out to Kenya next August for the IPI women's conference!