Yes! A chain!

Well today was really fun and exciting. We needed to fill the area where the slab was going to be with rock, in order to create a good surface for the slab to sit on. The best way to accomplish this was to create a chain, Yes! A chain is something I always wanted to do since I was a kid and today we did it.  It was pretty intense as the momentum kept picking up and the things we were passing, rocks, can be dangerous and hurt. I even caught one off the noggin as I never even saw it cause of its height and pong... right of the head. It kind of felt like a team building exercise you would do in middle school. I think the whole crew enjoyed it as we were all laughing through out the day. Once the pile we had was depleated it was off to the neighboring fields with wheel barrows in order to completely fill the area.

It took us all day long to find all the stones, and it was actually alot of work. It would have been much easier and less time consuming for us to order some rocks, but it would have been alot more expensive and why buy when you can collect from the surrpounding property. The evening was filled with some of our favorite activities, one that we call Porch Time. Our amazing hosts, Kathy and Aunt Anne seem to always have some Chai (what Kenyans call tea, regular or masala spice tea with half water half milk) and a snack waiting for us when we get home. JP and I relax and take off our shoes as we get to rest our tired bodies after a punishing day of work. I never knew I would come to crave tea, but now I do. Then after showering and hanging out, Dinner time!  Kathy and Aunt Ann are great cooks and make large, delicious and nutritous meals, usually of the Kenyan Flavor. For now dinner includes Kathy, Aunt Ann, Common, JP, and I. Sometimes we have guests but usually its just us, and our table conversation includes tales of the day, Kenyan culture and when your hanging out with JP, lots of laughs! 

The chain!

Mother and son.

Dr. K surveying our work.

Aunty Anne preparing some dellicious KALE or (sukuma weeki)

Cathy hard at work making dinner. Yummmm...