JP Auclair's Original Pair of Salomon 1080 Skis

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JP's Salomon 1080 Skis. Blue. Length 171cm

In the late 90’s, the boys of the Canadian mogul team spent their days off from training messing around in the snowboard park. The tricks the skiers were doing were similar to their peers on snowboards, but the skiers knew they could go bigger. In search of a performance twin tip ski that could do justice to their high flying dreams, JP Auclair and his teammates produced a promotion video “Air Carving” in the spring of 1997 to pitch their freestyle design ideas.

They sent the proposal to eight companies, and in November of 1997, Salomon finally bit, and the 1080 ski was born. In February 1998 a few months later, JP competed in and won the first ever Big Air competition at the Vail Freeskiing Open. Salomon had sent the prototype to the boys in Vail and JP premiered it at the awards ceremony that night, triumphantly holding the ski over his head as he accepted his first place award. The design of the Salomon 1080 blew the accepted boundaries of the sport wide open and the industry has never been the same.

All proceeds from this auction will be donated to The Auclair Fund to benefit JP's family.