JP / Canary Sticker Packs

The original yellow Canary stickers are back!

JP had drawn this yellow bird in his sketchbook for his girlfriend, Ingrid. Sherpas Cinema fell in love with it and wanted it in their All.I.Can movie; so they blew it up, cut it out, put on black toques, snuck around in the middle of the night with a bucket of glue, stuck the yellow canary on a wall, and ran away. The image appears in JP's ground breaking All.I.Can street segment and has become a symbol of his remarkable and charitable life ever since. A manifestation of JP himself...that hopeful, humble, creative light can change the world.

Fast forward seven years - what was once impromptu street art is now a curated mural in Nelson, BC honoring JP's legacy. Thanks to Sherpas Cinema, Tom Wallisch, the North Face, and everyone in the local community in Nelson who made this possible.

Share your love and support for inspiring beings by sticking the yellow canaries on all your gear!

Pack: 5 stickers total, 2 large birds and 3 small. Screen printed in the USA on durable outdoor vinyl.

$ 20.00