The Hut Project

The backcountry hut celebrates the journey to remote places by offering refuge from the elements. It is a place for the soul to truly rest while embarking on the greatest of adventures. The hut has an increasingly important role in concentrating human impact in order to reduce environmental harm so
that our wild places remain just that for those who travel among them.

Huts are designed and programmed for use year round for hikers, skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and mountaineers, the experienced and less experienced, young and old, individuals and groups. Huts create work for guides, on-site custodians and maintenance workers, all the while providing a place for instructional and educational courses.


In 2018 & 2019, AI is undertaking a fundraising campaign in collaboration with the Spearhead Huts. The overall mission is to build three huts along the traverse of the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges of Garibaldi Provincial Park to reduce the adverse environmental impacts presently caused by people recreating there.

The huts will be designed to comfortably accommodate 35-40 people, and be available to the general public at a low cost (approximately $20 – $30 per night). They will be built and operated using the best standards in the industry, and will minimize environmental impacts in the area.

After 10 years, thousands of hours of volunteer time and extraordinary generosity of some amazing people, the first of the three huts in the Spearhead Huts system has received final approval from BC Parks and construction has begun.

The second hut is almost fully funded with plans to break ground in summer 2019. In the name of JP Auclair, Alpine Initiatives plans to raise the remaining funds for the final leg of the project and the 3rd hut.