Grass Roots Grants

In every mountain town there are agents of change. Change makers are individuals or organizations taking an innovative idea and turning it into a tangible initiative that positively impacts a mountain community and surrounding environment. With Alpine Initiatives Grassroots Grants, we ask you to please, tell us, what makes you a change maker?

Thousands of great ideas never blossom into initiatives because of funding shortage. This is where Alpine Initiatives comes in. Alpine Initiatives betters North American mountain communities by providing change makers with the funds they need to turn their ideas into tangible initiatives that improve mountain communities and their surrounding environment.

The AI Grass Roots Grants Program will fund three change makers and the innovative initiatives they created to better their particular North American mountain community in the amount of $5,000 each.


  • Located in a North American mountain community
  • Have an initiative focused on environmental stewardship, sustainable living, community building, or creative expression through the arts.
  • Use volunteers from outdoor communities effectively
  • Be inclusive—engages youth, serves all community members without discriminating based on cultural, educational, or socio-economic differences

The 2017 campaign will be open for submissions in late fall.

Please fill in the fields below:

- Organization

- Name

- Email

- Phone

- Mailing Address

- Website URL


Application: Please answer the questions below in 100 words or less.

  • Provide an organizational summary including mission and a brief summary of existing programs.
  • Provide a list of active staff and board members
  • Provide a brief project summary
  • What are the purposes and objectives of the project?
  • How does/will the project impact the community?
  • Please list project activities (i.e. duration, #of participants, topics and format, etc.)

Please submit the following documents:

  • One hi-res photo that is representative of the project being submitted for consideration.
  • AI will select five finalists based on information in RFP. Afterward the general public will be able to vote for their favorite organizations via a voting page on the AI site. The three organizations with the most votes will be awarded a $5,000 grant each. If selected as one of the three finalists for AI GRG, the following requirements will be asked of you: 
  • Each finalist to describe how their program helps build a more sustainable This statement will appear on your finalist "profile" in the GRG page on AI. Please do not exceed 125 words.
  • Send back your profile statement with either two high-res horizontal photographs. These photos should be representative of your organization and the program you are requesting funding for.
  • If selected as a winner you will be held responsible to adhere to the terms of the GRG Memorandum of Understanding.