In 2002, Armada Skis was born among a family of athletes, artists, designers and engineers who didn’t just push the envelope—they blew it wide open. Armada is no longer a suggestion of what a ski company should be, they are the declaration of what todays top athletes demand. Today, Armada is distributed globally in more than 42 nations and embodies the cutting edge of the sport: athlete driven, design obsessed and technologically superior. 

Since 2011 we have been lucky enough to partner with Armada Skis and have released three generations of Armada x Alpine Initiative JJ's to date. Our shared values of progression and innovation, while acting as a catalyst of positive, forward thinking change in our respective industries has allowed our partnership to grow and thrive. Armada has committed 100% of the proceeds of every Armada x Alpine Initiatives JJ sold. This is a huge commitment by any standard. Thank you Armada, we wouldn't be here without you!