Throwback: JP's Very Own Salomon Teneighty Ski

“We were just doing it ‘cause it was fun. There was no real logical reason. It was just what we were into.” – JP Auclair

In the late 1990s, the ski industry was on the decline. People were becoming increasingly interested in snowboarding, and skiers were forced to push the limit of their equipment in order to continue progressing the sport.

Mike Douglas, along with Steve Ferring and the New Canadian Air Force, came up with a proposal to send to all the major ski companies at the time. They wanted a ski that would totally revolutionize the industry and allow skiers to do the tricks that they knew were achievable. When the boys weren’t in the mogul course, they were already poaching snowboard parks and stomping tricks that had never been done before.

In 1998, after JP won the big air event at the first US freeskiing open in Vail, Colorado, he stood on the podium and presented the Salomon Teneighty to the world.

This week, in honor of the first annual JP memorial competition, we are auctioning off JP’s own original Salomon Teneighty setup. All proceeds from the auction will go toward the Auclair Fund in support of JP’s family. Be sure to take a look here to check out the rest of the auction items up for bid, including another pair of JP's own skis, his Salomon Super Force 3S setup, and check back with us on our social media channels throughout the week as we will be posting updates from the event!