Introducing the Newest Limited Edition AI JJ 2.0

It is tough to say goodbye to a ski. Whether you break them or outgrow them or upgrade them, there are memories entangled there. This week we say goodbye to the second edition of the Armada AI JJs. .

I am lucky enough to ski on a pair of the second edition AI JJs and I have to say it was an emotional experience taking them out of the box the day they arrived. JP’s hand signature across the center of the ski rattled me for more than just a moment. These skis have a little bit of JP in them and they are a link back to the AI team, the Armada crew and the special partnership between them.

Armada has been Alpine Initiatives strongest ally since AI’s inception. JP told us, “Ever since launching Alpine Initiatives, I wanted to find a special way for Armada to become involved and support AI’s vision. I couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.” Here at AI, we are humbled to have such strong support from the Armada team. AI shares with Armada a commitment to the future of skiing and to mountain communities. JP poured himself into both of these organizations and his joy of skiing, passion for life, and love for his community are felt in the efforts and collaboration of the AI and Armada teams.

But with the end of any ski comes a new pair of skis, new adventures and new memories. So without further ado, AI and Armada would like to present the third version of the AI limited edition JJs: AI JJ 2.0.

The AI JJ 2.0 comes in lengths 185 cm and 175 cm. They have both a tip and tail rockered design and positive camber under foot to promote optimal flotation in powder and superior control on hard pack. The lightweight wood core allows for high strength to weight ratio: you’ll be able to strap these to a pack for in-bounds hiking as easily as skinning through the backcountry. Also, do you typically think of a powder ski as a slower ski? Think again. The JJ includes Armada’s exclusive comp base, their fastest base composition. The JJ is no race ski, but if you’re looking for a one-ski quiver, the JJ truly does it all.

Click the link below to bid on the last pair of first edition AI JJs on the Auclair Fund auction this week. Also make sure to follow our Instagram feed as Armada has taken it over.

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