SmartWool Servapalooza Pt 2

Twice a year, SmartWool shuts down their office for the day and works together as a team to give back to their community. They have done some pretty great projects in the past that include building trails, delivering firewood, and repairing avalanche fences. Last weekend, SmartWool teamed up with Alpine Initiatives and Yampa Valley Sustainability Council in Steamboat Springs, CO to upgrade the local recycling program by increasing the number of recycling bins in public areas.

We couldn’t just put out standard ol’ recycling bins though, we had to dress them up a bit. So, we built frames around the containers and mounted up-cycled old skis and snowboards to the exterior, donated by Twin Enviro Services and Home ReSource of Milner, CO. We of course picked out the most fun skis to use, with some recycling bins representing a theme, like the newly coined “Silver Bullet Bin” covered in all-silver Volant skis.

We were really happy with how the recycling bins turned out and you can see all ten of them in person spread out in parks around Steamboat.

Alpine Initiatives is stoked to have partnered with such great groups who are committed to fostering a better mountain community.

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