Summer 2014 Mountain Festivals

Summer Mountain Festivals
Your crew of buddies formed during the ski and snowboard season doesn’t have to disband once snow-covered peaks have transformed into wildflower-studded meadows. The snow sports community can merge with the welcoming—and equally enthusiastic—mountain communities during summer months by attending outdoor festivals set against a backdrop of jagged peaks. 
Location: Squaw Valley, CA and other select locations
2014 Dates: July 17 – 20th
Ticket Prices: Range from $100 - $925
This multi-day festival is nestled within California’s Squaw Valley, which features world-class snow sports in colder months. But after the snow has melted beneath warm summer rays, yoga instructors, musicians and DJs, wine makers, and top chefs descend upon the mountains to craft a festival pampering both the body and spirit. Check for a Wanderlust Festival near you here.
Location: Damascus, VA
2014 Dates: May 16 – 18th
Ticket Prices: Free
Trail Days is located in the small town of Damascus along the Appalachian Trail (AT)—a nearly 2,200-mile footpath running from Georgia to Maine. The festival is a gathering of outdoor enthusiasts to celebrate the Appalachian Mountains, specifically the culture surrounding people called thru hikers who walk the AT in its entirety. A parade, live music, manufacturer reps from top outdoor gear companies selling discounted products, and delicious southern barbeque are some of the top attractions for this festival situated in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.
Location: Banff, Canada and select locations for World Tour
2014 Dates: November 1 – 9 and select dates for World Tour locations
Ticket Prices: $45 - $2,000 for the main event. Check ticket prices for World Tour
For nine days, Banff becomes a mecca for mountain and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Through films, books and speaker presentations, festivalgoers are immersed in rugged, breathtaking terrain, international cultures, and pulse quickening adventures. If you can’t make it to the actual event, don’t lose hope! Chances are you can find a nearby location to view some of the award-winning films during the festival’s World Tour. What better way to kick off your 2014 snow sports season?
Location: Lyons, CO
2014 Dates: August 15 – 17
Ticket Prices: $195 (or $135 for an Advanced ticket)
For three days in August, pitch your tent on grassy fields just 20 miles south of Rocky Mountain National Park and indulge in this super-chill folk music festival. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, Lyons is your quintessential sleepy mountain community. Meet new songwriters and lounge on a quilted blanket while listening to Dispatch, Ani DiFranco, Josh Ritter, and more.
By AI Blog contributor: Megan Parks