Madagascar Update

It's been over two years since AI began collaborating with partner organization Hope for Madagascar (HFM) and the community of Ambalona. Over those two plus years AI has focused its resources and efforts on a permaculture gardening program and a school lunch program designed to improve attendance at the community's one school. Reports from our friends and partners in Ambalona indicate that our projects continue to thrive and positive outcomes in the community continue to accrue. 

The school lunch program is now feeding more than 190 school children three days a week at the community's school. Before implementation of this program, many children spent the majority of their days in the rice fields with their parents. With the incentive of nutritional lunches now attracting the community's children, nearly 98% of kids in the village attend classes on a daily basis.

AI and HFM's permaculture program has become a standard in the community and school children are now being taught the nutritional and economic benefits of agriculture from an early age. 

AI and HFM's most recent initiative has helped the community install two treadle pumps that are now helping irrigate various permaculture projects taking place in the community. 

We look forward to continuing out work with Hope For Madagascar and the community of Ambalona in 2014.