Mountains Are Awesome! - May 2013

'Mountain Man' ; Illustrations work by UK artist Ania Pawlik for Peter Beckwith and his new EP album.

In Ania's own words: "The main theme of my work is portraiture, often hiding self portraits within other subject matter. My work is often an attempt to draw the viewer in, allowing them to make their own conclusions from the themes I use and the contexts in which I place them. The current focus of my work is the respond if the human body to the space surrounding it. It is my wish that by constructing an intriguing image I might create a visual puzzle, a hidden symbolism of myself and world around me."

*On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time to pay tribute to what we think is one of the most awe-inspiring things out there: Mountains.  It might be a photo, video, collage, painting, poem, etc. ... just a little something to say, "Hey, mountains, you're awesome!

Have mountain-inspired art you’d like to share, or know of an artist we should highlight? Send us an email at