Mountains Are Awesome! - Feb. 2013

This month, we’re spotlighting Denver-based illustrator John Fellows. Nature and travel have inspired much of his captivating linoleum carving prints, which of course grabbed our attention. But John ups the ante by using found papers, including old topo maps and papers dating as far back as the 1880s, for his prints.

"My work tends to be small, I like to think of it as intimate,” John told us. “I want the audience to have to step a little closer to the work and really have to look at it, not just be able to pass by from 6 feet away." 

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*On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time to pay tribute to what we think is one of the most awe-inspiring things out there: Mountains.  It might be a photo, video, collage, painting, poem, etc. ... just a little something to say, "Hey, mountains, you're awesome!

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