Mountains Are Awesome! - Nov. 2012

"Mountains are pretty awesome!" Berlin based Photographer Matthias Heiderich said it himself when he posted this essay entitled Excursus: The Mountains.

When asked about what film he tends to shoot with, he adds: "I use different films, expired films are always welcome, I still have some old gdr films, Ive used a couple of them lately and the colours are usually very cool. However I haven't found my favourite film, Fuji and kodak 160s are ok imo and respond nicely to my colour filter and good light."

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*On the first of every month, we’ll take a little time to pay tribute to what we think is one of the most awe-inspiring things out there: Mountains.  It might be a photo, video, collage, painting, poem, etc. ... just a little something to say, "Hey, mountains, you're awesome!

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