Welcome to Ambalona

Alpine Initiatives' second project is currently taking place in Madagascar. This project, founded a year and a half ago, is the lesser known of the two project that AI has been working on in other countries. We want to take this opportunity to further introduce our followers to the community of Ambalona and some of the people that call it home. 

The community of Ambalona is a small village in south east Madagascar fueled by the hundreds of acres of surrounding rice fields. Largely isolated from the modern world, the people of Ambalona rely upon tradition and nature to provide for them. Little development seeps into the village and that which does usually comes via the church. With nearly 500 residents there are many mouths to feed. Unfortunately the abundant rice doesn't always find its way to those mouths and often gets wisked away to the big cities leaving meager compensation in the villagers pockets. AI teamed up with Hope For Madagascar to see if together we can create a sustainable food source for the community. There will be much more on what exactly this project entails in following blog posts, but for now, we hope you enjoyed getting acquainted with Ambalona.