The Cottage Project

When Courtney Ryan came to us a little over a year ago and asked if she could help us fundraise for a project at KACH, we were more than happy to take her up on her offer. We inquired with our Kenyan partner Karmabu Ringera to see which of her planned projects Courtney could help fundraise for. Karambu identified the building of visitor and volunteer housing as the most pressing need at KACH. In addition to freeing up rooms at the home for children, the building of this housing will allow IPI to expand their volunteer program, creating a larger support network for KACH and nudging the home closer toward being self-sustaining.

Having identified a worthy project, Courtney went to all her friends and family to see what kind of support she could assemble. She wrote an email to a vast number of people petitioning their support and quickly collected enough money to fund the building of one “cottage.” 

We are now back on the ground in Kenya about to begin building the visitor cottage and will make sure to keep you updated as we make progress on this project. In the meantime here is an idea of what the project will look like.