AI Arrival at KACH

“ We reached KACH to find a home full of anxious and excited children eagerly awaiting our arrival. The kids were quite shy at first, having not seen me in over a year and having never met my companions on this visit, Kayla and Whit. Bashful young ones hid behind the older ones as they were introduced to KACH’s two newest visitors. Our introduction was cut short by an appointment the children had with their tutors and we settled in for the night happy to have arrived safely and excited to see what the weekend had in store for us.

The weekend began with a quiet breakfast during which the children were noticeably attempting to gauge the demeanour of their new visitors. As breakfast ended we made our way out to the grassy courtyard and began playing soccer. After a few kicks of the soccer ball, any trepidation the kids had about their new visitors quickly melted away. The grounds quickly became flooded with laughter and substandard attempts on both sides to break the language barrier. The rest of the weekend was filled with activities and playing with the kids. By the time Sunday night rolled around it was as if we had all been friends for years.

The weekend gave way to a busy Monday full of planning of projects and activities to take place in the coming weeks. More on what exactly these projects and activities will look like soon….”