Snowriders International 's "Less Drive... More Ride"

Last week, our friends at Snowriders International launched a new campaign; "Less Drive... More Ride"

We already know the effects of carbon in the atmosphere. (it's the whole polluting the air we breath and contributing to global warming deal, remember?). Their goal is to get 1,000 skiers and boarders to take a pledge to carpool at least once before the end of the season. A simple way to reduce carbon emissions, meet people and save a bit of $$.

There's only three days left to sign up. Go to right now and take the pledge to carpool to the mountains today!

*And once you've signed up...

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Sign up to protect the planet with Snowriders International and you can win a pair of skis! It's free

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My friends at Snowriders International are working to cut air pollution by taking a simple step.  Join their effort to get all of us to carpool to the mountains and you could win a free pair of skis in the process.  Click here: and take the pledge, its free! 

Thanks for your involvement!