2011 Recap (*what you've helped us accomplish)

2011 has assuredly been Alpine Initiatives most successful year to date.  Over the past year, our community and partners have donated over $80,000 and countless hours of their time to help our organization move forward. Here are just a few of the most exciting events from the past year:

Sustainable Food Sourcing and Hope for Madagascar

AI began its second project in Madagascar with partner organization Hope For Madagascar (HFM). Our goal for this projects is to help foster a healthier and more sustainable community in Ambalona, by diversifying and increasing agricultural production within the village. We have successfully began helping families implement bio-intensive agriculture plots that create both a diversified food source and the potential for extra income.

International Peace Initiatives and KACH

Three years after AI started working on it's first project, construction and furnishing of the dining hall for KACH completed. In early 2012, we will begin the implementation of plan for KACH's financial sustainability with "The Cottage Project"; a small scale ecotourism housing development that will generate revenue for the orphanage and simultaneously house volunteers in coming years.

Courtney Ryan's KACH Cottage Project Fund-Raiser

Not many people come to us and say "I want to help and here is exactly how I'm going to do it," but that is exactly what Courtney Ryan did. Having visited KACH, Courtney asked that she be able to hold a fundraiser on our behalf to make "The Cottage Project" at KACH a reality. We were more than happy to let her do so, but had no idea that her fund-raiser would achieve the success that it did.  Courtney managed to raise $17,000 for the project in Kenya!

Armada's AI JJ

A limited edition Armada & Alpine Initiatives JJ was released. Armada generously donate an unprecedented 100% of proceeds form the AI-JJ sales and when it was all said and done, AI received a $28,875 check from Armada. Thanks to all of you that bought a pair of AI JJs and helped support our organization. Watch for our new collaboration with Armada in late Jan, 2012.

Orage's 10,000 Ways To Help

In November, we teamed up with Orage, Freeskier, Sherpas Cinema and Retallack to create our first formal giving campaign. Orage hosted the campaign and together with our other partners gathered over 100 prizes to give away. People from all over the world contributed and Orage matched every donation dollar for dollar, bringing to total raised to just over $8,000. This campaign embodied how we as a community, individuals and companies, can work together to accomplish amazing things.

Sherpas Cinema's ALL. I. CAN.

AI forged a partnerships with Sherpas Cinema early in 2011 because we both want to inspire and initiate action within the snow sports community. AI co-hosted a sustainability and art symposium at the Whistler premier of the Sherpas' latest film All.I.Can. The Sherpas, Evo Gear and AI threw various fundraisers at All.I.Can. showings across Canada and the U.S. The Sherpas generously donated all proceeds from a couple showings to AI and together with various fundraisers at All.I.Can. showings, we raised nearly $5,000 for AI.

  • Oakley's AI Themed JP Auclair Signature series

For the second year and a row, Oakley donated 1% of all Sales from the JP Auclair Signature series Crow Bar goggle to AI. JP forfeited a portion of his royalties to match the Oakley donation and the total amount donated to AI from the sales of this goggle amounted to over $12,000. Oakley also generously contributed numerous pairs of these goggles to AI for use in various contests and fundraisers. Keep your eyes peeled in 2012 for more of these contests on facebook and twitter.

The Do-It-Yourselfers

We rolled out new "Do It Yourself" fund-raising programs this year. Dylan Bowman and Steve McNamara both ran marathons to help support our organization and Nikolai Valdmanis hiked to entirety of the Appalachian Trail to do the same. Carbondale, CO artist Stanley Bell threw an art show of his work on skateboards decks and donated 20% of the proceeds to AI. Together these guys raised over $10,000 for AI by creating their own initiatives and enlisting the support of their communities.

Organizational Development

The past year has been incredibly productive for AI as a non-profit organization. We released a new website, created a new board of directors, brought in non-profit consultants and began strategizing for the coming years. What was once a project a few skiers put together, has become a full fledged non-profit with extraordinary potential. We look forward to showing you some of the projects we have been working on in the coming year and want to thank you for your continued support.