En Route Camp BC

An idea, a few friends, the outdoors, lots and lots of snow, challenges, beauty, caught in the moment, mother nature's warnings ignored, lessons learned, respect...

From Nimbus Independent, check out En Route Camp B.C. and follow AI ambassadors Anthony Boronowski, Julien Regnier as well as Eliel Hindert on a snow camping mission up into Callaghan, British Columbia.

December was avalanche awareness month, keep safety in mind throughout the rest of the season!  Remember to watch out for those red flags when you're out there:

  • Recent Avalanche activity (fresh avy debris / fresh cracs in the snow)
  • Whoomping sounds or cracks
  • Wind
  • Heavy precipitations
  • Abrupt temperature rise

Don't head out on your own, have the proper gear, know how to use it and be sure to check out your local avalanche forecast before heading out!

*Music: http://tiredeyesmusic.com