A Hugely Successful 10000 Ways To Help Campaign

As you may have seen, over the past six weeks we have been participating in a giving campaign with our community and our partners Orage, Retallack, Freeskier and Sherpas Cinema. The goals of this campaign were to bring together the winter sports community to help support the continuation of AI's work and to award participants with amazing prizes. It is safe to say that we assuredly achieved our goals. Individual participants stepped up and contributed just over $4,000 to the campaign and Orage gererously matched every single dollar of those donations, bringing the grand total raised to over $8,000. (Check out our ongoing projects)

Supporters from all over the world joined in, sending donations from as far away as Argentina and Russia. Over 100 prizes were given out to participants and all the prizes pledged for the campaign were thrown in by our awesome sponsors, even though the $5,000 individual donation mark was just missed. We at AI couldn't be more excited about the turn out for this campaign and genuinely want to thank eveyone who particpated, individuals and sponsors alike. Even if you participated and didn't win, your donations will go a very long way to helping support our projects in Kenya and Madagascar. For that, we are extremely grateful.

Here is a statement you from AI Co-Founder, JP Auclair: 

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this campaign a success.  People jumping in and working together is what it’s all about in the first place!  Congrats to the winners and be sure to visit alpineinitiatives.org to get the latest on AI projects and happenings

If you participated and want to see if you won, please go check out Orage's blog to see if you won and get details on how you can claim your prize.