Latest photos from KACH

When talking about the the Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH), we sometimes catch ourselves cringing as we use the word "orphanage", feeling like the connotation around the word might not be the most positive, or simply might just not do KACH justice.  We thought, maybe it should be called a "childrens' home" or "community home" and so on…  In the end, we decided it was time to just reclaim the word from the grey institutional notions of the past.  Even before KACH construction began, we determined that the images of overcrowded stale buildings where kids are warehoused had to be shattered.  Everyone involved dreamt of a place where kids can not only survive or sustain, but of a place where they can flourish. A place where vulnerable children are not a burden on the community but an asset.  KACH was initiated 6 years ago, the project is still going and entering it's final stage as we work with our partners in Kenya to create a sustainability plan for the whole community surrounding the orphanage.  Gardens, networks or enterprise, an agricultural resource center and most of all, an environment where each is valued and has room to grow. It's all happening and we're excited to share the latest photos of KACH with you.