All. I. Can. - Whistler Premier and Sustainability Symposium

AI’s latest endeavor lead us out to Whistler, BC to co-host an art and sustainability symposium in collaboration with Sherpas Cinema. When the Sherpas decided they wanted to incorporate an educational piece into the Whistler premier of All.I.Can., we couldn’t have been more willing to reach out and lend a hand. We teamed up with Sherpas Cinema to bring in speakers to talk about art and the environment, non-profits focused on sustainability, local artists from Whistler and pro athletes from the film. We threw all these people and their work together in the Whistler Conference Center and had a commendable forum on art and sustainability in no time.

A quick stroll around the venue made it exceedingly clear that Whistler is a community concerned about the health of our environment. It was also very apparent that it is a community that posseses the creativity and ambition necessary to act on that concern.  Hats off to whistler!

Various local artists came to showcase their work, much of which highlighted the community's passion for snow sports and the mountains that they call home.

Giving away seedlings for the community to plant in order to help offset the carbon footprint of the symposium.

Mark Abma and 1 Step transplanted their veggy-oil refinery for the day, answered questions about the process and talked people through the system.

AwareWhistler 2020Snow Riders International and other non-profits came to promote environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

Talks on sustainability and art highlighted the awesome power of community and the creative mind.

British artist Moose Curtis has pioneered a new form of street art that most call reverse grafitti.  Moose came to give the conference center a quick touch up and discuss his work, which carries messages of various depths. This turned out to be one of the atendees favorite presentations. Above: Moose enjoyed his time in Canada so much that he decided to leave something behind; Hubcaps inspired and acidic-molicular snow flakes, right outsite of the whistler conference center. You can check out more of his work right HERE.

 Led by AI's Lisa Lee Benjamin, Pro Skiers from the movie formed a panel to field tough questions about the Making of All. I. Can. and about their approach on environmental challenges.

Keynote speaker and All.I.Can. cast member Auden Schendler took the stage to deliver a powerful talk about how there is hope for our environment and we are the ones responsible for turning our passions into action for a better world.

Finally, the day was capped of with the incredible premier of The Sherpas' latest film All.I.Can. : a call to action for the entire snow sports community.  A huge thank you to all the people who came to present, listen, talk, mingle and watch. It truly was an amazing day!