KACH Update

The gardens and the kids are thriving at our first project KACH and we are about to embark on the next piece of the sustainability plan there dubbed, The Cottage Project. The Cottage Project will provide housing for the visitors and volunteers at KACH and will generate extra income to help sustain the home. More on that to come soon, but in the meantime this is how KACH was looking when we were over there in April.Here are a couple of the kidos. 

This cute young lady goes by the name of Betsy. She is a great helper and a very good student. This young man is named Clifford and he is a rather rambunctious little dude.

A view of KACH from the Kimeru (traditional local tribe) Learning Center.

The bio-intensive gardens and the greenhouse.

Here is how KACH looks today and a reminder of how it looked almost exactly two years ago.