Construction Finished On KACH Dining Hall

We have finished construction on the KACH dining hall. When we fulfilled our commitment to fund and build the kitchen at KACH, the next logical project to take on was the dining hall which would connect the kitchen to the main structure of KACH. It took just about a year to get the project fully funded by our community and built by KACH's community, with a little hands on help from us.

One of the most challenging pieces of building the dinning hall was leveling the land where the patio needed to go. We had to move thousands and thousands of pounds of dirt to lay the foundation for this concrete slab. Now the kidos have the opportunity to enjoy meals inside and outside.

We are very pleased with the way the dining hall turned out. It is very well lit with natural light during the day and the cooks and kids no longer have to make multiple trips between the kitchen and the main KACH structure during the night.

The dining hall was a great project for multiple reasons, but most importantly it gave us the opportunity to go over to Kenya and connect with old friends and get our hands dirty together in order to build something great.

These are the local guys that made it happen!