The Unreasonable Institute Global Summit

Alpine Initiatives members Emmanuelle Vital and Erik Wardell recently had the chance to visit Boulder, CO for a most unreasonable event. The Unreasonable Institute held their very first Global Summit, which highlighted the work of 22 young social entrepreneurs striving to make drastic changes in our world. The Unreasonable Institute brought together these 22 entrepreneurs from all over the world to incubate their projects, link them with mentors and help them find start-up capital. The entrepreneurs developed their projects for ten weeks and then presented them at the Global Summit to a packed house at the Atlas Center at The University of Colorado. The event was highly energetic and truly inspiring for the Alpine Initiatives members that attended. The social ventures featured ranged from a Aussie trying to create a toilet paper brand that funds sanitation projects in the third world, to a young Afghani woman trying to end honor killings in her country. All 22 ventures highlighted were innovative takes on addressing either social or environmental development. It is great to see that there are so many young people taking the initiative to address the problems that afflict our world! Emmanulle and Erik pictured with Unreasonable Institute Mentor Paul Polak, Founder of IDE and Author of Out of Poverty