Ruiri in Bloom

We headed to Ruiri with our newly formed dream team as Judith put it. Chris, Karambu, Kathy, Mark, Judith and I . We were astounded by the beauty, potential and quiet of the site. Wildflowers and sweet smells lay in drifts across the property and were accompanied by bird songs. The desert had come alive! The potential for another Amani Home and supporting guest house is incredible..i can just imagine waking up under acacias, heading to the spring for a swim and playing soccer with the kids. The site is abundant with limestone which could be used for building and lime mortar, there are three springs and approximately 2 acres of tilled land for gardens or orchards. the idea is the home clusters and guest houses would lay nestled in the many groves of acacia and be linked by trails and a community gather space. We still have loads of work ahead of us but are working on getting a survey, soil and water tests done this next few months and soon to begin our collaborative design process on creating this amazing Amani home!