Dr. K's 2 acres

Dr. Karambu had acquired these two acres last summer and we laid out a loose farm plan before I left last July which Bernard and Simon implemented. This is what it looks like only 7 months later. It provided a crop of maize and beans and has been planted with fruit trees. The kids each have a Bio intensive plot of their own and it is doing very well. We learned some good lessons about intercropping such as that pumkins are big feeders and use alot of nitrogen and that our fruit trees should be at least 18' feet apart. I really had no idea just how fast and big things grow it is almost incomprehensible to me! We enjoyed tea on the lawn many afternoons. A group of women from a village near chugu came to inquire about KACH and looking at starting similar. It is incredible what a community has been created in such a short time from the office with Silas and the two Purity's, Sweet Ann's amazing cooking to the fertile gardens.