Letter from Dr. K

Here is a letter from Dr, Karambu that I wanted to share with you as I think it speaks to the leadership, heart and commitment that we hope to nurture and grow and the tremendous possibility it has!

"Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your mail and understanding. I feel peaceful reading your email. And yes, it has been a constant reminder that this thing I started is no longer mine alone - i really love the way it has evolved and the way it has brought many together. That is the goal of this work - creating global partnerships that help us communicate better across cultural divides. Imagine Lisa-IPI has partners virtually in all continents of the World except South America - that is phenomenal!!! And this is just the beginning. So, I honor and thank you for BEING with us and being part of this wonderful work. Like i always say; "IPI is not about building buildings, it is about building community". The buildings are part of that community building - and in the process there is transformation at all levels - intra and interpersonal; intra and intercultural; intra and intercommunity - across the world.In our endeavor to create better communication, we bring this vision and intention to life. It is an intention that comes to 'BE' when we recognize, each one of us, our intricate dance with our humanity. Always being present to our responsibility and roles, and always being present to our limitations.I like the idea of how RACH is beginning - with a vision and intention: a plan. It is an exciting model and I see it transforming things at many levels - and i see it being a more solid project.KACH is beautiful - and it has the greatest 'spirit' in it. You will ove it when you come next year - I am looking forward to that - very much.Blessings and Peace!!!Love,Dr. K"