The kids are in!

Today is extremely hard to describe with words...  and I don't think pictures can do it either...  We went and picked up the first kids who will be staying at KACH.  Some seemed extremely excited about going (mostly the ones who had no real home and/or the ones who already knew Karambu, Mikey or myself) some of them seemed scared and a little confused.  KACH is such a great concept to me that I forgot about how, no matter how gentle the transition may be, moving to a new house with new faces can be difficult and scary.  As we drove through the Meru district, stopping at different boarding schools and houses, I became progressively more anxious to see how well the kids were going to adjust to their new surroundings.. As they moved in, they all seemed super happy and comfortable with each other!  Mikey, Karambu and I spent the night at KACH with them.  As I was laying in bed, I felt like I had to pinch myself to realize where I was and what was going on.  I kept telling myself: "I can't beleive I'm laying down on a bed in KACH right now!  The kids are here, they have a home, a new family and they seem happy!  Their new life starts right now!!"