Chippin' away part 2.

Still chippin'...  On the second day of chiseling the slab I pulled a muscle in my right forearm.  To keep going I had to learn to use the hammer and chisel with opposite hands.  Having my right hand holding the chisel was a very good to way to give it some rest...  the down side was that, since my left hand doesn't have quite as much control and precision, I ended up beating on my already injured hand with a hammer.  I did that for two more days while Mikey moved to plastering.  I would have loved to join him but I had to let my wrist heal a bit.  My wrist is better but my thumb is killing me!  I did get my "mark of Kenya" as our co-workers call it..  When I used my right hand to hammer I'd only hit myself about 10 times a day.  For the first few hours of using my left hand, I'd hit myself about every 5 to 10 minutes...  After a while I felt as if I would collapse each time I'd hit my thumb.  I eventually got better. The bruised hand is the one that gets hit with the hammer..