Chippin' away.

The past 4 days JP, a couple of our co-workers and I have been armed with hammers and chisels. Our task, to chip the floors of the kitchen. This entails hammering out little holes all over the concrete slab to give a texture to the surface so the mortar that will be laid on top has something to bond to.  The process of continually hammering is tiring on the arms, annoying to the ears, aches the back and painful to the thumbs. In the beginning the moment focus is lost one usually misses the chisel and strikes their thumb, which after many really hurts and starts to leave a mark. Our co-workers laugh and say this is the mark of Kenya, as they all have one as well. As the days passed we got better and better and it was easy to focus on the task while giving time to think.  As I was hammering away, in between shots to my thumbs, I realized how much time, effort, and sweat I had put into that exact spot. Chiseling away had a strong similarity to the