Tribute to the garden

One of my best memories form last October was pulling rocks out of the ground to get the garden started.  It was a real therapeutic experience for me.  Every time I pulled a rock out of the ground, I would think; "One less rock in the garden!".  So simple, so tangible, so real... awesome!  That's when I realized I didn't work with my hands enough at home and acknowledged that humans have a need to build and grow things.  I think that a lot of us are losing touch with that aspect of being human, including me.  Many of the things we do these days happen on a desk or on a screen and we don't get to experience the satisfaction of watching something we created come to life.  Coming back to see the state of the garden 8 months later was truly satisfying.  It looks beautiful.  At least once a day, I take time to walk through, look, touch and smell...  It's amazing to witness how it changes from one day to the next.  Not to mention it will provide food for the kids.  If you've never done it, try growing something!

This is the gardens last fall, just getting started, pulling rocks out of the ground, doubble digging..:

...and this is 8 months later: