I Don't Know What To Feel

Karambu told us to uncover our eyes, we did, and before us was KACH, a place we had last visited in October of 2008. The sight that lay before us had changed tremendously, where once sat a half finished building in the middle of a desolate, grass splattered field is  a roofed, windowed and doored home appearing to be minutes from completion. Behind the kitchen we built is the vibrantly green, lush and full garden which, in the midst of its third harvest, is a dramatic  contrast to the dry, yellow and brown, grass and dust speckled terrain of the past. The far end of the property has been decorated by Vail Mountain Schools Ethically Engaged Youth and there mark was left in the form  of housing for the goats, chickens, and rabbits. My Mango tree, JP's Avocado tree and Janine's Passion fruit tree sit on top of the hill overlooking KACH and what it has become laying witness to the daily changes that can only be described as beautiful! At one time it seemed to be a lonely place as about 10 employees milled around working on what seemed to be an enormous task, and now the whole property was bustling as landscapers, gardeners, laborers, painters, electricians, plumbers and engineers work together on this impressive site.

The unveiling of KACH was one of those moments in which I don't know if I spoke, if I laughed, if I cried or if I even moved. All I know is beauty engulfed me, and what was a thought, then a dream, then a goal, now presented itself as a reality. I stumbled around taking in all that had changed, discovering that in the US I had been de-sensitized to the constant growth, but here, in Meru the feeling evoked a sense of progress like I'd never experienced.   

It is a great feeling to be back and we have our work cut out for us. There is a comfort in being here and smiles are abundant as we hugged and greeted our co-workers. Our Kitchen, became the main focus after our initial walk around and excitement filled me as I realized the next five weeks would be spent here, working on this. The main building's finished facade and the garden's grandeur inspire, influence, and motivate us to finish our task so the kids may be able to start calling it home.