Nairobi national park animal orphanage

We arrived in Nairobi two nights ago!  We would have liked to go straight to Meru as we are all very anxious to see KACH but half of our bags didn't show up so we decided to stick around to deal with the situation.  

A couple friends suggested we go visit the Nairobi National Park Animal Orphanage while we were in town.  All these animals were rescued from different parts of Africa.  The herbivores usually get to go back into the wild once they are old enough but most of the carnivores, not having learned the hunting skills necessary for their survival, will have to spend the rest of their life in the orphanage.

We have mixed feelings about zoos and animal orphanages but one thing we are sure about is how impressive these animals are!  Leopard wins "dopest animal!" graceful and powerful!

Matatus are the best and scariest way to gt around in Kenya; Mikey and I rocking out to Kenny Rogers...

Yeah, we got to pet cheetahs today....

Amazing. I want to make a t-shit with the photo!