Fresh the Movie

Friday night we squeaked into the opening screening of Fresh the Movie and had the amazing opportunity to listen to a brilliant panel discussion with the film maker Ana Sofia Joanes, Michael Pollan (Ominivores Dilemma and Botany of Desire), and Ari Derfel (Save Your Trash for a Year). I was so excited I purchased the movie and will be doing a screening in Meru for IPI, KACH and our host family.  It is a perfect way to show why big agriculture is not always the answer to our food dilemma.  Last year I met with Winnie who was the head of the Department of Agriculture for the Meru region. We had a very interesting discussion about GMOs (genetically modified organism) seeds and the food desert africa often finds itself in. I am excited to bring her this movie as it goes through many scenarios of why more isn't always better and that organic and food grown in a way that matches the ecology is a better choice for health and productivity.


The movie talks alot about our food sources and what we are eating consciously and unconsciously. It  creates a stir to move and start planting as there are example of farmer's and citizens that have chosen a different path such as Joel Salitin of Polyface farms. Check it out and get gardening!

Here are the girls hangin in SF! Janine Bouchard was in my hood for a Lulu Lemon training. I had just returned to the city and was just getting settled into my new apartment. We reminisced about our experience  in Meru last fall and talked about all that was possible for the years to come.